PCN Staff

Clinical Directors

Dr Vanessa Lockyer - Clinical Lead

I have been a GP locally for the last decade and actively involved in our PCN for the last 2.5 years.  I work three days a week as a GP partner and love the challenges and variety that come with the job. For me, being a GP is about building relationships with patients at all phases of life and through all aspects of health and wellbeing.  Within Meridian I provide supervision and support to our PCN clinical staff and help provide clinical input to our projects.

Will Bailey - CEO

In addition to my role as Clinical Director for Meridian, I’m an HCA, and a member of a steering group for the Cambridge & Peterborough Training Hub. I also support the practice manager at Harston Surgery. For me, the PCN framework offers a chance to focus on working together as a group of similar practices, working more closely with other local health and care organisations, and increasing the number of non-GP and Nursing staff our patients have access to. The director role gives us a voice in our local ICS, and I use this to promote and protect General Practice.

Practice/PCN Managers

David Newman- Digital Champion

Hi there my name is David Newman, I am the Digital Champion for Meridian. I am excited to join the team and to support and increase our staff and patients confidence in and use of the digital systems and tools. 

Julie Ann Napenas - Business & Projects Manager

I am the Business and Projects Manager for Meridian PCN with combined experience of working in the NHS and Primary Care for over 5 years. I oversee the day to day operational aspects of the PCN from resources management to coordination and optimisation, as well as working alongside the Digital Transformation Lead on managing projects. I thoroughly enjoy working in healthcare and my experience allows me to effectively navigate the complexity of managing our PCN

Karen Wharton - Personalised Care Lead

I am the Personalised Care Lead at Meridian. I have 14 years' experience working in the health care sector and have worked both clinically and in an administrative role within a hospital setting. 
I really enjoy interacting with patients and it is my role to ensure that our patients are supported through personalised care helping them to improve their health and wellbeing.

Vicky Lawrence - Digital & Transformation Lead

I am the Digital & Transformation Lead for Meridian PCN, working with the team to offer the best service to our patients.  I am passionate about mental health and helping others, recently achieving a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.  I work closely with the practice managers, clinical leads and the neighbourhood to identify patient needs and improve our services across the PCN.  I enjoy being part of the Meridian PCN team and doing my bit to help improve things for our patients.        


Sarah Perry

I am working as the First contact Physiotherapist at four GP surgeries in the Meridian PCN.

After completing my Physiotherapy degree in 1995, I specialised in Musculo-skeletal outpatients. Consequently, I have wealth of experience assessing soft tissue injuries, arthritis, problems with muscles, tendons ligaments or bone and spinal pain.

I provide interventions at the beginning of the patient journey. I can provide a diagnosis, give advice and exercises or refer patients for treatment, investigations or to Specialist Services as necessary. I enjoy giving patients the tools to empower them to help manage their conditions

Clinical Pharmacists

Cathy Chin- Meridian Pharmacy Team Lead, Clinical Pharmacist'

I have been a clinical pharmacist working in primary care for the last four years and work between GP practices and wherever I am needed! Prior to this, I was a clinical pharmacist at Addenbrooke's Hospital for 12 years, working in various specialties. I am passionate about supporting patients in getting the best from their medications, whether in terms of safety, appropriateness or education. I find building relationships with patients and helping them to achieve their treatment goals very rewarding, and needless to say I enjoy my job very much!  
As Pharmacy Team Lead, I provide support and supervision for our clinical pharmacy team. I also work collaboratively with the PCN and ICS teams to identify opportunities to develop our services to better meet local people's, surgeries' and PCN needs. 

Helen Davies - Pharmacist

I have been qualified as a pharmacist for over a decade, working in community pharmacy before moving into my role as a Clinical Pharmacist for Meridian PCN in October 2021. Working within GP practices in Royston and Melbourn I mostly spend my time meeting with patients with long term conditions such as hypertension and diabetes to support them in managing their health through both medication reviews and other means so they can live their lives doing the things they enjoy.

Helen Murray - Clinical Pharmacist - Bourn

Helen is a very experienced Prescribing Clinical Pharmacist who comes from a background of clinical pharmacy in hospital. As part of the general practice team, she is there to provide expert advice on medications to ensure you get the maximum benefit from them.

Helen performs medication and long-term condition reviews, where she assesses your test results and offers appropriate medication advice to check that you are taking the medicines in the correct way, that the dose is correct, that the medicine is not causing you any side effects, and that all your medicines work well together with no interactions to help manage your condition. 

Pharmacy Technicians

Ana Gherasim - Pharmacy Technician

I am a fully qualified, GPhC registered Pharmacy Technician and I have been working with Meridian PCN for over two years.

Previously, I have worked in the Pharmacy field for over fifteen years, and I have gained experience within various organisations from community pharmacy to General Practice.

I really enjoy my job in Primary Care and I am always striving to make a positive difference to patients lives with my skills and knowledge which I have attained throughout my working career.

Taiba Khan - Pharmacy Technician

I am a pharmacy technician working remotely for the PCN, 

I have experience working in various pharmacy sectors, which include online, community, hospital, and other sectors.

In addition, I am currently a member of the NHS England Regional Pharmacy Technician Leadership Group. 

I love my job as a pharmacy technician in primary care, I have been able to use various skills from my previous roles in my current one while gaining new ones. I have various duties from background work, such as audits to medication reviews. My role allows me to be able to care for patients directly and indirectly. I love how I can help our patients and my team in different ways within my role.  

Care Coordinators

Charlie Shadbolt

My name is Charlie, I am a Care Coordinator at Meridian PCN. 

I have had 7 years experience in the healthcare sector having previously worked in a nursing home and then 5 years in an administrative role. 

I am passionate about helping people to improve their health and well being with the right support.

Claire Cooper

I am a Patient Care Coordinator at Meridian. I am new to the Health Care sector having previously worked as an Estate Agent. I am proud to be supporting patients through personalised care to improve their health and wellbeing and signposting them to the wealth of support on offer. 

Leslie Audibert

My name is Leslie and I am a care co-ordinator. This is my first time working for the NHS and I couldn’t be prouder.

I have a real interest for people which lead me to study counselling, so I love to be able to help them in a concrete way and have that direct impact on their lives. My goal is to make people feel seen, heard and understood.

Being a care co-ordinator is a very rewarding position which I feel very blessed to have.

Social Prescribers

Karina Choat

I’m a social prescribing link worker at Meridian and I have a Foundation degree in social studies. My background consists of over a decade working in social care, supporting young people, elderly, children with disabilities and carers. I bring a passion for helping people to be heard to the role and consider it a privilege to be able to support people to live their life fully in whichever way that looks for them. 

Rowena Bland

I’m the social prescribing link worker at Meridian, have a degree in health studies and a background working in mental health, supporting young people and carers. I bring hands-on experience helping those with emotional and social problems. My role takes a personalised approach, looking at where strengths lie, and what gives a sense of purpose to someone’s life. I look at ways to re-connect patients with community-based activities that could make a difference, help build confidence, whilst alleviating some of the frustration and anxiety that might be experienced while waiting for surgery.

Sandra Pearse

I’m a social prescriber at Meridian based at Monkfield Medical Practice and Bourn Surgery. I have been working in the NHS for over 30 years in primary, secondary and tertiary care. I bring a drive for helping people to find what is important to them and consider it an absolute honour to be able to hear people’s stories and hopefully find what they are looking for. 

Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Annie Page

I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach at Meridian with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and  am presently studying for a masters in Personalised Nutrition.
I love supporting patients to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to become proactive in their own health & wellbeing.

Jennie Dudbridge

Hello I am Jennie, a qualified Nutritionist and certified Health Coach. I have experience supporting patients with a range of health conditions such as weight management, diabetes management and healthy eating for cancer patients. 
As your health and wellbeing coach I will be your supportive mentor encouraging you to make lasting change to benefit your overall health. 

Klaudia Demska

My name is Klaudia and I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach at Meridian PCN. I hold a Batchelor’s degree in Health & Wellbeing in the Society and have a year’s experience working as a Health Coach, with a particular interest in pre-diabetes/diabetes, as well as nutrition. I have also got a wealth of experience working with vulnerable adults.

I am most passionate about supporting people to make lifestyle changes, the sustainable way, as well as signposting patients to the wealth of brilliant services within the local provision. I live by the firm belief that anyone is capable of making changes, with the correct support. 

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