Wellness Walking

04 January 2024

Founded by Nicola Barraclough, Wellness Walking can provide companionship and supportive conversation during one-to-one or group walks in Grantchester, Wimpole, Royston or Wandlebury.

This activity is good for wellbeing because walking and talking is a good way to de-stress and share things that are on your mind; being outside and in green spaces is a mood booster; exercise increases feel-good hormones and has proven benefits for your cardiovascular function, immune system and bone health. “Nicola knows some lovely walks and I always feel able to share my thoughts with no judgement, she’s such a good listener. I feel better for a problem shared.”  

How to contact Phone 07537 146470

Email wellnesswalkinguk@gmail.com

Website www.wellness-walking.co.uk



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