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13 March 2024

Dear Karen

Extremely grateful for all the kind help, & support I have received from Jennie. I have looked forward to my sessions, & gathering very useful information, that has helped me both physically, & mentally . I would highly recommend  this very helpful course to anyone, who needs genuine advice, & support. Someone that you can really talk to, & has time to listen, & help. I cannot thank Jennie enough for  her help, & kindness. I am so grateful, & I will truly miss my sessions with her!

Many, many thanks  Anonymous


Dear Sandra,

It was my absolute pleasure to meet you - And thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and kind words of encouragement during our meetings. I know I still have a long road ahead of me, but I will keep on going, until I find some happiness and peace in my life. It's people like you that make that possible and I will always be grateful for the fact that you have made me feel strong in the face of adversity.

Kind Regards Anonymous

Hi Annie

"It helped me speak with you and learn there are still things I can do to try to manage this horrible condition. You have given me a bit of hope and our conversation has empowered me, and for that I am grateful. Thank you also for the information provided regarding food. I am making an effort to eat better."


Hi Rowena Hope you are well!

Thank you for your massive help to me. I gladly want to let you that today Cambridge south council has been offered me a property to live in. I am so glad that finally I have got a place to live. I much appreciated your help once again. Do you think is that possible for you to help me with finding/referring me to organisations which can help me with providing furniture and white goods please?  

Kind regards Anonymous  

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