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28 March 2023

How Are You South Cambs?


Connecting with others, getting active, learning a new skill, being creative, seeking professional support, exploring the outdoors, volunteering – all these things (and more) can improve mental and physical wellbeing. However it isn’t always easy to know what is on your doorstep or to feel comfortable trying something new. H.A.Y. South Cambs is a website that brings together everything local that boosts mental wellbeing. Brought to you by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, it is packed with activities and services to support your health and wellbeing in South Cambridgeshire – even including Royston.


The home page takes you in two directions – to help you find something to do and to help you find local support.

Starting with the activities page, a quick scroll down reveals a map:


As you can see, it is covered with colour coded pins (I didn’t know there was that much going on in South Cambs either!) and there is an “Activities” filter on the left-hand side where you can find and tick your desired activity. For example, if you wanted to find a local sports club, you tick the box in the category ‘Sports’ and it will then show you sports activities/clubs in your area.


The list of activity categories emphasises the effort the How Are You Cambridgeshire & Peterborough team puts in to discover and promote all of the many things you can get involved in – all road-tested or recommended to give a wellbeing boost:


Now, when you find yourself on the Support page it will look very familiar, following the same layout as in the Activities section with a support map and category filters on the left hand side:


Here you will be able to find professional and specialist support for mental health, physical health, where your local GP/Pharmacy is…and the list goes on. For example, if you wanted to find support for children and young people: you tick the Children and Young People box and it will then show you all of the local support groups/services in your area of South Cambs:


The full list of support filters is below and, like the activities filter, shows the huge amount of support that is available – all in one place.


How Are You South Cambs is more than just a directory though; it gives you a flavour of what to expect as well as factual information. It’s goal is to overcome some of the barriers that stop people taking part or seeking help – not knowing who you’ll meet, if there’s disabled access, if it is free or paid for, eligibility criteria, whether there’s parking or what happens when you get there are all things that can stop people getting what they need. How Are You South Cambs aims to overcome them all.


In short, it’s an incredible resource that has something for everyone. It’s easy to use and makes it even easier to find the support, local activities, groups and resources you need in South Cambs.

For those that would like a visual guide on how to use the HAY South Cambs website, please find a video here:

The website is also accompanied by a Facebook page which posts about ad hoc and one-off events and activities that are happening in the area. Please give it is a follow and take a look!

And if there’s something that should be on How Are You South Cambs that isn’t, please contact Charity Green (Digital & Community Engagement Coordinator, South Cambs) on charity.green@cpft.nhs.uk

Here's a list of relevant links:

Website: https://haysouthcambs.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HowAreYouSouthCambs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HAYCambsPboro

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